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Parties in the Park Responsive Phone View

Parties in the Park website Screenshot

Parties in the Park 2014 Website

I had the honor of getting to do the 2014 Parties in the Park website. The 2014 season has just started so the traffic is rolling in good and everything that I have heard about the website is great.

The site was built with the WordPress platform and utilizes a child theme built on top of Divi. Very cool and responsive website which looks good no matter what your device size or aspect ratio.

Parties in the Park
Lindsey Hairstylist Website

Lindsey Dutkiewicz Hairstylist website

Lindsey Hairstylist Website

I just made a really cool hairstylist website for a local stylist named Lindsey Dutkiewicz. is a fully responsive website with information on Lindsey as a stylist.

The site looks great no matter the screen size. I created the logo and all of the content. Check it out for yourself.

Lindsey Hairstylist
X Cycle Trim Phone Screenshot


X Cycle Trim – Fully responsive ecommerce website

X Cycle Trim has been a long standing client and I recently got to do a rebuild for them. Fully responsive ecommerce website. I also originally did the branding for this company ie I did the main logo.

It is a great looking site and quite a money maker. The people who are coming here and finding the site are getting exactly what they are looking for which is always the goal. The conversion rate for this site is extremely high.

X Cycle Trim - Aftermarket Motorcycle Trim
Muskegon Biker Website Design

Muskegon Biker Screenshot

Muskegon Biker Motorcycle Events Calendar

Muskegon Biker is a long standing website that I own that overall is an event calendar for the Muskegon, MI area. Big nights and motorcycle related events are the key features of this website.

Did a great looking redesign for the site with some custom post types for the new upgraded event calendar which is very user friendly and easy to maintain.

Muskegon Biker Motorcycle Event Calendar Muskegon
Hennessy's Website


Hennessy’s Irish Pub

Hennessy’s has been a long standing client who I have provided a web presence for. The Hennessy’s website is great looking, has all of the info that you need and is very user friendly.

All drink and food menus are there and easy to use. The events calendar shows you what the live music is.

Hennessy's Irish Pub