About 231 Web Development

Jeremy Gradisher
Web Developer Muskegon, MI

Website Design and Development located in Muskegon, MI. Jeremy Gradisher Senior Web Dev skilled in PHP, HTML5, jQuery and Javascript. Custom WordPress plugins and themes. I’ve got a long history of marketing, SEO and building websites in West Michigan. Got my start in the motorcycle scene. A lot of working with bars and bands, graphic design, fliers and event calendars. I expanded from there to so much more.

231WebDev = Experienced Web Developer in the 231 Area Code (West Michigan).
I also do a lot of business in Chicago, IL. (3 hours out).
If you are building anywhere near Lake Michigan, you are going to want to speak with me.
Contact Jeremy by email at jeremygradisher@gmail.com.

Websites as low as $499 – I bill at $50 per hour.
If it is smaller than that I am more than likely not interested.

Through my journey I have picked up too many brands. I am rebranding under 231WebDev.
(231 Web Development).

231 Web Dev
231 Graphics and Web Design is the main brand I have used for years. Truth is I started by going after graphic design, but in the long run went with web development. “231 Graphics” always bothered me, because I don’t do graphics…

I was always a dreamer. I was real into drawing and skateboarding growing up. Both of those lead me to music. I made music for 10 years (7 albums – Jeremiah the Dreamer). During that time I got really good at graphic design and making t-shirts. To promote music and sell more shirts I started building websites. It just happened.

Muskegon Biker LLC
After I stopped making music my life went in a different direction. I started making money doing graphics, marketing and building websites. I went after the Muskegon Motorcycle scene first, then branched off into bars and restaurants before in general going after any type of smaller business I could get my hands on. To this day my company name is really “Muskegon Biker LLC” – (Sole MBR).

work.shop logo
work.shop – Chicago, IL – I am a full time contracted Senior Web Developer for work.shop. Work.shop gives me an arena to show off my skills. We are heavy into custom password protected corporate websites that have to do with architectural drawings, rules and regulations for building and maintaining large retail properties. Primarily WordPress development, custom plugins and themes.