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Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is defined by Wikipedia as being the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page
in a search engine’s natural, or un-paid organic search results. – (SEO Definition) –
There are really two types that are referred to on a regular basis as White hat and black hat. White Hat is a natural and highly rewarded type of optimization. This has to do with very
natural link building and on page optimization. The second flavor is black hat which has to do with deceptive practices, manipulative linking and buying links.

Over the past couple of years I have had the honor of learning a lot about both of these two types from a few people that I would consider to be experts. Over a year and
a half I was part of a 4 man team that specialized in white hat for a national company, and I have to say that we got the client where he wanted to go. I have been a witness
to black hat tactics on numerous occasions both from competitor web designers and from the likes of the shadiest potential clients. I will say that black hat tactics
may show quick results, but nearly always get penalized. I would never consider it.

Search Engine Optimization Muskegon
There are many articles out there on SEO basics and Tutorials. Some of them are great, others are less than genuine. I have a couple of recommendations if you
would like to read from some other pros.
Search Engine Land is a great website with a ton of tips and a ton of news.
They also offer a free analyzation toolbar that I personally use nearly every day. SEO MOZ is another great national
SEO Company with a couple of great software packages that take analyzation to the next level, and that really matters. I have recently been utilizing one of their
tracking programs that I am really having a lot of fun with.

Truth is search engine optimization can not be learned overnight. Those that try to move too fast get burned by penalties such
as those that started with the Panda Algorithm change and even more recently with the Google Penguin Algorithm change.
They mostly always make the same mistake. Duplicate content, poor linking structures and buying paid linking. All of that boils down to black hat tactics,
and truthfully, they deserve the penalties. Much respect.

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