Electric Hero Deli

Electric Hero Deli
WordPress Website Custom Build

I recently got to do a great custom WordPress website design and build for Electric Hero Deli. Electric Hero is a newer franchise that has two locations and is located in both Grand Haven and Holland MI. They currently have a third location in the works that will be located in Grand Rapids.

I was contacted about this job by a great local graphic designer by the name of Derek Dile who did all of the artwork here. The website design was mocked up by him as well. All I needed to do was code the site and make his design work, add the content I was given and make sure all was optimized and being tracked.

Branded Dashboard for the WordPress Build

Website Design Pricing

I charged $1000 for the job. Turn around was two weeks and it took me 20 to 25 hours. I’ve worked with Derek before, he is a friend and an ally. He is succinct and quick. He deals with the client and knows exactly what he wants. It’s what makes a job like this very quick and easy. It’s why they got it so cheap. I’m normally going to quote 40 hours at $50 per which would be $2,000.

This is something new for me but when I write these from now on I want to be completely transparent on what I do, how long it took and how much I charged. My goal with the freelance stuff currently is $50 and hour, and I more than likely do not take the job unless it is at least $1000. This worked out to $40 to $50 an hour so it felt good.

Further website build description

Overall it was really straight forward. Standard marketing stuff. Content curation. Making sure everything that your average web viewer needed would be there. Making sure the menu was right out front and easy to read and looked good both on your computer and your phone. Contact form. News feeds from the Facebook pages and Twitter. Analytics tracking easy to view in the dashboard. Custom Child Theme on top of Divi. A hand full of plugins added. Branded dashboard. There will be a few more additions in the future. There is going to be some password protected Franchisee stuff. Internal corporate CRM. That will be a more complex deal that will pay well and be fun to build!

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