Parties in the Park 2014

Parties in the Park 2014 Website

I had the honor of getting to do the 2014 Parties in the Park website. The 2014 season has just started so the traffic is rolling in good and everything that I have heard about the website is great.

The site was built with the WordPress platform and utilizes a child theme built on top of Divi. Very cool and responsive website which looks good no matter what your device size or aspect ratio.

Click Here to Visit the Parties in the Park Website

Parties in the Park


A Great New website for a long standing music festival and community get together.

Parties in the Park is a community festival that is held every Friday night in the Summer located in Downtown’s Hackley Park. The festival features many local bands and benefits different organizations each week.

I had the honor of being asked to do their website this year and of course would never think of turning it down. I have a few different friends on the board for Parties in the Park, and as we all know networking is everything! So here we go.

Parties in the Park has always had a static built HTML and PHP site which has not allowed the board members to make changes on the fly. As they knew I was a designer who loved WordPress they felt it was a good year to give them what they wanted, which was a CMS that they would be able to change on their own, so we did it up.

parties-in-the-park-screenshotI hit the board with a list of different skins that I believed would be a good starting point and they ended up deciding on this skin (Metrolo) which they felt would be able to display their content in the way they felt was necessary. I went through and built it in a staging location, then once it was approved I moved the site to my server to the server where it would be hosted. Once there I had a few little changes to make and overall the way that it sits currently is the way it will look for the year of 2013.

There are a few exceptions to that as a lot of the content that is on the site currently is really only current for the 2012 season and certain things such as the sponsors and the line up will have to be changed for the upcoming season, but all in due time.

Overall I like the way that the site currently looks. I feel that it is very user friendly and the layout is very nice for what we have going. I look forward once I get the new line up to make graphics for the homepage slider and adding some blog posts about the bands and the organizations that will be profiting from the events.

I will be a great part of the marketing that is going to happen for Parties in the Park in 2013 and you know I am excited and honored. I look forward to completing the work that needs to be done and exceeding the expectations of the board. I like many others around here Love Muskegon so once again I will say: “Here we go!”.

Visit the website today!