Skeetown Tavern – Bar Website

Skeetown Tavern (Formerly Landmark Bar)

A Great New website for a new bar in Muskegon.

Skeetown Tavern is a new bar located at 1308 W. Sherman Blvd, Muskegon, Michigan 49441 and is the replacement for the old Landmark Bar. Skee Town Tavern will go on with a lot of what you have previously known with the Landmark such as being Biker Friendly and having live music every Friday and Saturday night.

The build here started with re-branding. I did the logo from the ground up, taking many stabs at it and allowing the client to choose what they liked. Overall I am happy with that circular logo selection that was decided on, and I am more than proud to be a part of branding another business in Western Michigan.

skeetown-tavern-green-logoThe website build was a ground up static PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL site. Always fun to build from scratch. The Doctype is HTML5 of course, and the SQL is used for both the event calendar and the daily schedule, with which I have a cool back end that I have built so the clients can easily change their schedule and add to their event calendar.

Skeetown Tavern came up right away within the SERPS but oddly enough, Skee Town Tavern has given us no luck. I made some changes to the meta-data and content on the pages the other day to address this problem and I am sure it will not be a long standing issue.

I gotta say too – really at the end of the day – The logo turned out so cool. I have seen the way the front sign on the business is about to be. Not exactly the way I laid this out, but they are utilizing alot of how I have it here. Branding is always so fun.