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I was curious so I did an Adsense Performance Report on From July of 2010 to date I have made $952.35 – That is pretty good considering all that I do is go through and add a few fliers once a month and maybe throw up another pin up girl gallery.

Showing $952 made with AdsenseI left that one spot highlighted there to show you my biggest day on this site was $7.16 on July 19, 2013 – If you are local from Muskegon you will know that date was within Biketime 2013. Obviously I dominate huge amounts of traffic during Muskegon Biketime.

What is interesting to me, this is all local money. MuskegonBiker is a local motorcycle related event calendar. You are only visiting it if you are looking for info on something to do in a niche market in Muskegon or West Michigan. Yep, I might just know a little something about the (231), LOL. This is free money I collect. I literally put almost no effort into it. #EasyMoney #WebDev