Raspberry Pi Build Started

I got a new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1 GB NOOBS Edition from element14. I also grabbed up a Camera Board, a wireless mouse and keyboard. I did definitely make one mistake right off the bat. I got a Netgear N600 USB Wifi adapter which I tried to get hooked up to the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian but so far no luck. I had no issue connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable, but I am going to have to grab up another Wifi adapter. I’ll probably do that tonight. The Netgear one I grabbed is cool with Windows, but so far I can find no driver for Linux.

Jeremy Gradisher with Raspberry PII jumped right in plugged in the power, plugged in the usb adapter for the wireless keyboard and mouse and hooked into a tv with an HDMI. They kick you into a config right off the bat. I actually messed something up, I unplugged and rebooted. It asked me to choose which operating system I wanted to run and I chose Raspbian as that is recommended and I am mos def starting from scratch, literally nothing.

I did run through real quick and clone the sd card I had with NOOBS on it. I think I will be writing an article on that shortly. Overall I currently feel like a kid that got a new toy. I look forward to having fun and learning. I am especially curious about understanding command line better, Linux and Python. I’ve got a few ideas. Maybe a security camera. Maybe just a media player. I’m really not sure yet. Just gonna play around and see what I can learn.

I did a couple of other things. I tried right away to just surf the net and checked my site. Youtube so far is not right. I downloaded something. Not sure if it made a difference. Currently I can get videos to play, but the thumbnails are messed up and it will not play a playlist. I’ll post something up about it once I figure it out. I am ready to build. It’s on! #231WebDev