My Skill Set

231 Web Dev Skill Set

Let’s throw something down here. A line in the sand if you will. I am going to lay out what I consider my Skill Set to be…

  • WordPress Development – Expert Level. Custom Plugins and Themes. Password protected user based corporate websites.
  • HTML5 – Expert Level. Recently mastering the HTML5 Canvas. 3d rendering is coming soon, at which point I will be able to build a city within your website.
  • Ruby on Rails – 2016 has been busy and ROR has a lot to do with it. Database management, custom reporting, Rails is truly powerful!
  • Responsive Web Design – Duh. Responsive is the only way to go. You will probably get more traffic on phones than anything. Expert Level
  • CSS3 – Cascading Stylesheets – Fully Responsive Website Design with Media Queries. Expert Level
  • PHP – Been writing code with PHP for over 10 years. Server Side Object Oriented Programming
  • MySQL – Everything I build is dynamic. I deal with databases all the time and know them inside and out.
  • Javascript – Recently been doing more Javascript. Mostly I defer to jQuery
  • jQuery – I have quickly become a monster with jQuery. So simple yet complex. Very powerful.
  • Branding – Graphic design is where I started. You will never find another web developer as good as me at both design and development.
  • Raspberry Pi – Just got my first one. A Raspberry Pi 2 Model B – looking to do some cool stuff here. About to get into some Python for sure…

Expert Level WordPress Developer

WordPress Development by 231WebDevI know WordPress inside and out. Custom themes, custom plugins. I have 6 plugins out there now and within the next year I will have 12. I know all of the hooks, I have developed with WP for close to 5 years. If you are looking for a WP Developer, I am who you want to speak with.

I have built 300 to 400 different websites with it and have basically shaped my web design business around it. Password protected user account based sites, CRM’s, Retail Tenant Leasing and Sales Tracking, you would be hard pressed to find another that has done what I have done with it. Looking to build something that will blow away your competition and truly effect your bottom line? Then it is time for us to speak:

Contact: – $75 per hour – Projects start as low as $899