WordPress Development

WordPress Development by #231WebDev

I am a WordPress expert, there is nothing I can not do with it. From a blogging platform to the arguably the most powerful framework on the net WordPress has come a long way. As a web developer I fell in love with WP around 4 years back and there is a reason that it’s used for almost 50% of all websites out there.

WP Knowledge is Power.

Wisdom is the combination of knowledge and experience. I am wise when it comes to building with WP. I have built right around 400 WP sites to date. From small blogging sites, to local SEO and marketing campaigns for businesses around West Michigan and abroad. I have used it for eCommerce, for password protected corporate websites, for large branded businesses on a National scale. There really is no limitations. 100% branded inside and out. You need a CRM? (Customer Relationship Management Software). I can build it with WP. I can customize any API and pull in anything you want.

Video Tutorials
and Contributing to Open Source

I have done a ton of video tutorials on WP. The video above shoes you the basics of manually installing a WordPress website from scratch. I have a few dozen custom themes out there in the wide, free of charge just spreading our brand. I currently have 6 custom WP Plugins with many more to come. One is particular is the first one we released for work.shop called Remove WP Branding which has had a great response and is adding downloads daily.

Transfer WordPress Site from One Server to Another

A quick little tutorial video on how to transfer a WP website from one server to another. Goes through the whole deal. Download all files, grab an SQL back-up. Create a database, username and password on the new server. Upload the SQL through phpMyAdmin. Change the wp-config.php file. It is all here.

Contact: jeremygradisher@gmail.com