Lead Developer for work.shopMG LLC

Property Development Vertical Market

My biggest client for 2014 ended up turning into my full time employer in 2015. from great idea to grand opening… We create tools and technologies for the retail real estate industry.

We have got a handful of great clients across North America. We go after bigger property development companies with multiple locations. Some of our products include the DDCM – Digital Design Criteria Manual which is an industry leading change to the natural document based tenant manuals that designers and architects, and contractors or tenants are used to.

We also in 2014 developed a new system we call the MIS – Merchant Information System which is a CRM designed specifically with Leasing Representatives of large malls in mind. Our system is a password protected private corporate website that allows sales tracking, tenant communication, holds all rules and regulations well as blue prints and lease plans that are needed. It truly gives you a one stop place to hold all of your information, do all of your tracking, print all of your reports and generate new leads for new potential lease tenants.

Custom WordPress Development

A lot of our products line up very well with WordPress. We have custom themes, custom WP Plugins and API’s. We are dabbling in the app market as well and are about to release our first Swift app built for IOS. From grand idea to grand opening. We have what you need.