231WebDev Rebrand

Rebranding 231 Graphics
We are now 231 Web Development

I have always went by the moniker of 231 Graphics. For the last few years I have felt that was a misnomer as I really do not do graphics. I started all of this around 15 years back and I did start out doing graphic design as a way to promote the music I was making. As I moved on I started to do a lot more web development than graphic design and now I am going to get my brand to match what I do. This logo for 231 Graphics has always been something that I have liked. Truth is I know it is recognized so I want the new 231WebDev logo to match up with it well.

Combine Everything, and build in one location.

Muskegon Biker LLCI am combining everything that I have going. I have always been slightly broken up into categories with 231 Graphics, now with 231 Web Development and Muskegon Biker LLC (my company name). www.231graphics.com does have a good pagerank and it passes a lot of link juice. It ranks very well, but here I need to build again.

I plan on posting a lot of content here. I have a million things going and I really needed a spot to build and dream. I am going to start from scratch and show here what I am building for here on out. #231WebDev