Bellacino’s Muskegon

A Great New website for a Pizza and Grinder company in North Muskegon.

Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders Muskegon, MI. Bellacino’s is a great responsive build I just got to do using HTML5 with some CSS media queries, and a whole lot of PHP. Responsive sites are my new thing. A great selling point for 231 Graphics as there are not many people around that are doing them, and they truly are the future of web design and development, which puts us on the cutting edge.

To begin with I used a template I had built a few weeks back, the first of many I will be using for these responsive sites. It utilizes media queries to change the look of the site according to your browser size. You can see the difference in the looks by these two screen shots, the one on the left is from my Android phone, the one on the right is from my desktop using Google Chrome.

bellacinos-qr-smaller-300px There is an extra amount of fun and challenge when making a site that actually needs to look different on a desktop, a tablet and/or a smart phone. Some thought most definitely has to come into the equation. As I am a natural problem solver, I love every second of it. Cool if you look at the two pics the big difference is the way the Main Navigation looks. Extreme difference there, which adds a ton of user friendliness to the mobile user, which in a case like this, with a fast food restaurant is important. I am truly happy with how this turned out for Bellacino’s and I can not wait to see how I can expand on these ideas in the future. Only time will tell…

Visit the website today!