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J&M Machine Products – Manufacturing Website

I recently got to do a ground up PHP and HTML5 build for a local manufacturer called J&M Machine located in Muskegon, MI. J&M is a great company that has been in business machining for over 60 years. They manufacture many products related the big engine parts, recreational vehicle parts, military and aerospace applications, big industrial applications and more.

The build overall was pretty straight forward, I reworked an HTML5 template I had built a few months back and gave their site a complete overhaul. The site was originally only around 5 pages, where we are now at approximately 15 pages. I also restructured their permalinks, and put them in a position that I believe will rank a whole lot better, which was part of the original goal in this situation.

This overall for me was a fun build as I have always worked on and off as a CNC machinist right here in the Muskegon area, as well as at J&M a while back. I love manufacturing and have been thinking more and more about going after this industry as a vertical market. Truth is you will not find a lot of marketers/developers such as myself that actually have inside knowledge of this industry.

I believe this site will rank a lot better than the old one, and I also believe it to be a whole lot more user friendly. I of course installed Google analytics and webmaster tools for full tracking abilities which will help us with the SEO in the future as we attempt to rank it up better.

Visit www.jmmachine.com today!