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X Cycle Trim – Fully responsive ecommerce website

X Cycle Trim has been a long standing client and I recently got to do a rebuild for them. Fully responsive ecommerce website. I also originally did the branding for this company ie I did the main logo.

It is a great looking site and quite a money maker. The people who are coming here and finding the site are getting exactly what they are looking for which is always the goal. The conversion rate for this site is extremely high.

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X Cycle Trim is an aftermarket bagger accessories website.

xcycletrim-screenshotX Cycle Trim a.k.a. X-Trim is an aftermarket accessories dealer from Muskegon, MI. I built the website from scratch in early 2011 using html and php. X-Trim is an aftermarket fairing and windshield trim. It is better than the stock trim the comes on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The original trim always cracks apart and brakes, and this company found a very profitable niche market with the best replacement trim on the market.

Over time X-Trim has also added some other products such as custom floorboards, crank case breather kits and custom length brake lines. The site is a basic eCommerce site utilizing PayPal buy now buttons. The ordering process is very simple and straight forward. I created the X-Trim logo from scratch utilizing an idea from the owner of the company, it all really fell together very easily. The site enjoys a very high conversion rate as the product really is the best buy for the money.

xcycletrim-screenshot-2The majority of the traffic that goes to the site are customers specifically looking for an aftermarket replacement for the fairing trim on Road Glide motorcycles. They get there organically through search results. The site ranks well for many different search strings related to aftermarket motorcycle accessories.

The majority of the other products besides the trim are from customers already purchasing the trim and then also purchasing the floorboards or the brake lines. Word of mouth on the product is excellent with many forum posts on different motorcycle related sites drawing traffic from all over North America. I look forward to the future with this client as each product that he adds generates more traffic and in turn more revenue!

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