TriPort Challenge – Festival and Tournament Sites

Fishing Tournament Website

Fishing or tournament websites – done annually starting at $500

Muskegon Tri-Port Challenge is a fishing event that I have covered and built sites for for a couple of years now. The Tri-Port Challenge is a 3 port fishing tournament that meets up at the end in Muskegon for weigh out and prizes. Ladies and Kids at $100 for Friday, AM being $175, PRO at $450, a Big Fish entry fee of $20. The event hasn’t changed, widely successful since the beginning, there is truly no need to.

In previous years I had always went with a dynamically built HTML and PHP site. This year as my dev skills have changed I decided to do WordPress. I never felt comfortable with that situation in the past as I had always felt that WordPress gave me certain limitations. As I have gotten better with my skills and more familiarity with that CMS I have realized that it can truly do anything! No limitations.

WordPress Child Themes

I ended up building a Child Theme on top of a Cyberchimps WordPress theme. Child themes are cool because then if you do the security updates for WordPress, or the theme, what you have built will not be overwritten, so there is truly no worries. Fully responsive website, of course, as can be seen by the above photo, it looks like a million bucks on a smartphone, which so matters now. I will say if your website is not responsive, you are shooting yourself in the foot. So much of the traffic now is coming from smart phones it is crazy.

Fishing Tournaments in West Michigan

Out of all the tourneys that happen around here I think this one is very unique. The fact that it brings three ports together truly does up the stakes and make things more interesting.