Sethco Lumber

Sethco Lumber Website Development

Just got done with a new responsive build for Sethco Lumber located on Apple Ave in Muskegon, MI. Sethco Lumber has been in business for many years and recently contracted 231 Graphics to step up their web presence, and you know that we where up to the task.

I have went back and forth on how to approach these jobs. I am back in the zone where I think that utilizing a CMS is always the way to go. The clients always like a certain amount of control, and I am at the point with my skill level that there is literally no limitations when it comes to what I need to do here.

WordPress Child Theme

For these builds now I always choose a skin (Theme) check with the client to ensure it is what they are looking for, then create a Child Theme for that skin. The reason that is important is that when you do the updates, for security purposes, there is nothing that will change with your customizations. The truth here is that is very important. I have worked for firms before that would do the latter to save time, then intentionally not do the security updates because in their words “It would break the website”. What was funny is then when they where having problems with hacks and cracks that ended up on their servers, they would literally have conversations trying to figure out how they happened. (LOL – too funny).

Anyways, I started this build with what is now the base theme for WordPress called Twenty Fourteen. Cool responsive theme, featured posts, separate widget areas, places for three separate menus. Very good looking theme. Sethco overall did not request anything out of the ordinary. The website ended up at approx 20 pages, easy to target the search strings that they need to rank for. I utilized the best in a LSI keyword strategy, a great SEO plugin with custom additions by yours truly that will allow it to rank very well in a very short amount of time.

Social Integration

I always like to connect and social networks that the clients are utilizing into the website in any way that is possible. For this situation they are utilizing Facebook so of course we added the natural facebook like box into the widget area on the right side of every page.

Visit today to see a great looking site for yourself.