Eclectic Hair and Nails

Eclectic Hair and Nails


A Great New Site for a Great Hair and Nail Salon in Spring Lake MI

Eclectic Hair and Nails is a hair and nail salon located in Spring Lake Michigan. I first met both Nancy and Jillian through some friends and jumped at the opportunity to build a site for a salon. What I really dug about this build was the fact that overall I knew it needed to be slightly feminine, which is different than the average build I get to do.

I asked the client as I always do if they would like to do updates on their own or if they would like me to do them. They expressed no interest in doing their own so doing a CMS seemed illogical. Here we went with a ground up static build. All PHP, HTML/CSS and Javascript. I looked around for a second and could see that within their area, it was going to be easy to make a great looking site, that would dwarf their competition both in looks and in ranking. So we went at it.

eclectic102I gave them a few options on design, once we agreed on the direction I ended up going with a somewhat table based design that ended up looking very sharp. I truly love the idea we had with the top navigation which is somewhat see through and the cool look of the background (black and white) which was an actual pic I took of the the inside of their shop.

The top navigation utilizes a javascript drop down menu which I truly love and in a lot of ways is a web development industry standard. A similarity here is the lightbox javascript that I am using on the photo gallery page. That is something I have been integrating into most all builds and is a very convienent way to display pictures. Very user friendly.

We of course right away started a Facebook Fanpage for Eclectic that can be found at It has yet to get enough likes for me to change the permalink, but it will happen shortly. I still have some loose ends to wrap up. I also created a Google+ page, and am still going to create a Pinterest page which I think will be a great feature for this business. Their clientele speaks very highly of them. Visit Eclectic Hair and Nails Today!