EDAC Drilling

Environmental Drilling and Contracting Website Build

I recently did a ground up WordPress build for EDAC located in Holland, MI. EDAC is an environmental drilling contractor that services Upper and Lower Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. This is a pretty standard job for me. Ground up build meaning that they did not have a previous website to reference or build upon.

I started by doing some keyword research for SEO and on-page optimization. Once I had the search volumes we tailored the content to fit our needs. We took a look at competitor websites. In this niche the sites overall did not have a whole lot of content, and they were older looking websites so it was pretty easy for us to with a small amount of pictures and content to rank this site up.

The site was indexed immediately. It has been catching a small amount of traffic. I will be monitoring where this lands as far as ranking over the next few weeks and see if we need to do some additional adjustments to get it where we need it to be. This job from start to finish took 3 weeks. As long as my work load is not too extreme that 2 to 4 week turn around is possible.

Go ahead and take a look at http://www.edacdrilling.com/ for yourself and see how well it turned out!