Fredricks Construction

Fredricks Construction Website Build Details

I just did a new ground up responsive website design/build for Fredricks construction. Fredricks Construction Co specializes in roofing applications, siding, windows and insulation for residential projects since 1969. Fredricks is a great company. They heard of 231 Graphics and Web Design from another client (R&R Landscape Supply) – someone I have had a great relationship with. Always cool to pick up new clients in that way, something that as a matter of fact I am about to push to the next level. You’ll see.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive web development is so important now a days. Depending on your industry, you will see anywhere from 40% to 80% of your traffic will actually come on smartphones. It has changed marketing considerably and if your website is non-responsive, you really need to give me a holler. I can change your bottom line dramatically.

This was another child theme that I built on top of a Cyberchimps premium theme. I grabbed a bundle from them a few weeks back so I have used their themes for the last couple of builds although that will change now since I used what was hot from them and I hate to re-use. The site turned out very cool. Joan Fredricks and her employees where very helpful and made this project go very quickly.

Tracking, SEO and more

This build utilized what I have learned in the long run about SEO, tracking and more. I have been using the plug-in SEO yoast for the met-data on all of the pages and posts. A custom permalink structure for the framework and of course full integration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, linked together for what we will need down the road. They did not have a site to start with, and because of what I did in the first place here, they will rank up quickly and get an easy return on investment for hiring me.