Pure Body Pilates

Pure Body Pilates – Responsive Website Build

I had the honor of doing a new website build recently for Pure Body Pilates, which at the end of the day ended up being a very cool build and a true pleasure. I was approached by Sherry Stevens approx a week and a half back. She is a small business owner that is opening something very cool. We embarked on a journey and really made something that turned out to be so cool. Here we go…

Alright, so the client had already dealt with another web dev company. It had not worked out. So there was a great starting point where I simply had to fill in the blanks, the client knew exactly what she wanted and I knew it would be a breeze. The previous web development company had missed the point of what she wanted, and I knew i could hit it very easily, so we ran with it, and got it done fast. She had already been exposed to WordPress and knew what it had to offer, so there was no sell there. The real sell was how I could give what the previous web design company could not, which actually was easy.

Overall if you take the build from a web dev standpoint, there is nothing special functionality wise. I am conveying the info the client needs to be out there. There is nothing that is complex overall, but here is all about presentation. With a Pilates studio you need to show what they have to offer, and make it exciting yet at the same time make it professional. I think I hit it on the head. I used an existing WordPress theme, made some changes and overall the client liked it.

I ended up design wise simply changing the color theme of the skin a little bit, which brought out a little more friendliness, and it really came together. The client utilizes mindbody to do the schedule, which I was able to integrate to the site with am iframe, it all worked out pretty easy, very nice.

We did some cool social integration. Their Facebook page already had a ton of likes, and their twitter page https://twitter.com/purebodypilate hadn’t had a lot of interaction yet, but I knew it could get there. I made it so the Facebook page auto posted to the Twitter page, and changed some of the pictures and what not. The Facebook page needed some settings changed so that it would serve no matter what on the website, once that happened it was on.