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Getting things set right in the beginning, with your payment gateway, your tracking and analytics is key to you succeeding in the long run. From start to finish I will be there. Getting things right the first time. Training you on all aspects and giving you the tools you need to succeed. Contact

In Style Jeans

A Great New eCommerce website for a business started right here in Western Michigan

In Style Jeans is a brand new company I am a part of with 2 partners that is selling designer jeans based in Grand Rapids and Muskegon MI. We currently have distributorships for both Silver and Buffalo Jeans. We have both men’s and women’s jeans. Our inventory is currently small, but as long as we start selling as I plan, it will grow quickly.

We put some planning into the start of this company. Being that it was an eCommerce website we decided to go with a paid service, something that we had total control of, that we could manage, but with some support especially with payment gateways. We asked around and did our homework. We went with Highwire. I can tell you that I started the website a few weeks back and that I am more than happy with their system. I put in two support tickets so far. Neither where really necessary. Really more than anything I wanted to gauge what the response time would be if I had a problem, and it was quick.

instyle103When I initially set this up. I grabbed a theme that I thought was simple and structurally speaking was the closest to what I really wanted. Truth is even there I had to make some really dramatic changes. It took me a few days over a couple of weeks, between jobs, to get it the way I wanted to be structure wise. After that it really only took a day to get looking like a million bucks. I am happy with where we are currently at, and am excited to see where this project can go.

Once I got ‘er looking right I started what will be a big part of the SEO and SEM. I started a Facebook FanPage, and a Twitter page. I got them started with a bunch of Likes and Follows. I will soon be starting a Pinterest page which has become a social networking monster. Pinterest really is a powerful tool and I plan to use it to the fullest.