Transfer WordPress site from one server to another

Breakdown/Times for the video

  • Transferring the website
  • Grab backup of files you will need to move
  • Export all content from WordPress
  • (1:50) Grab SQL back-up of original database from phpMyAdmin
  • (2:54) Set-up new database on new server – Create Database user and password and then add the user to the database with all privileges
  • (4:20) Upload the SQL file you created from original server to the new server via phpMyAdmin
  • (5:20) Change nameservers or the domain to point at your new server
  • (6:20) Create FTP account via cPanel on your new server
  • (7:00) Set-up your FTP client – Here I use Filezilla
  • (8:45) Upload the files to your new server
  • (9:10) Change wp-config.php – needs new databse name, username and password – be sure to queue that and get it on the new server
  • (10:30) Upload the new wp-config.php
  • (11:00) Reset permalink structure – once logged in on the new server – I normally do this quick – just a double check to make sure I have everything working right