Digital Design Criteria Manual

The DDCM, or Digital Design Criteria Manual is one of the many great products produced by work.shopMG for retail property developments such as malls. The DDCM is basically a password protected database of rules and regulations that it’s users can search to keep their project up to code.

In general my company does these for malls where there are specific rules that are different from project to project as far as storefronts and signage and more.

Property Development Software

DDCM for a property development companyUnder the hood we have a WordPress multi-site that uses S2Member for user auth and allows different user roles and access. We use a Child Theme built on top of Elegant’s Divi, which we use to allow a team of user that aren’t very code savvy to be able to add and edit the content.

These builds are an interesting deal because in general these sites are only for the inside people, so in general your users per site will only be like 100 people. Normal as a web developer you would think more traffic is better, but here, we are putting information in the cloud for a select few.

One last interesting thing about this, is this industry has a way of doing things. An average DDCM as a pdf is like 300 pages. There is a certain amount of our clientele that literally prints the website onto paper and prefers to read it all like that. So our sites have to be very print friendly. Even being able to print the whole site, a 300 page document, with the click of a button. That’s power.