Jeremiah the Dreamer Website Rebuild

I’ve been going back through and rebuilding some of my legacy sites to get them up to date with the current trends for portfolio pieces. I’ve spent the last five years building sites for a property development management company and haven’t had a whole lot of room for portfolio pieces.

I went back and rebuilt I used the GeneratePress WordPress theme and a pretty good jump off from one of their site library designs. This site is a definite step up after the previous site which was still running the WordPress 2014 theme, so in other words, this site was about six years old.

Jeremiah the DreamerThere is a definite approach to getting these pages to load as quickly as possible. We all know that the best user experience comes with quick load times.

I like how this site turned out. I do not make music any longer, so this wasn’t about promoting the music. Just remembering where my roots came from. I started to build websites to promote the music me and my friends were making. It all started in my early twenties for fun, and now I make websites for a living. Good stuff.