National Transmission Rebuild for Speed!

I got to rebuild National Transmission’s website recently. I built their old site around 2014/2015 and at that time was doing static non-responsive builds. The site needed an update. It look dated and was not mobile friendly in anyway.

I wanted to get the client into a WordPress site. I’ve been building them lately with a Child Theme that I developed on top of GeneratePress with a mobile first design and AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages) set-up, with pagespeed directly in mind.

National Transmission page speed analysis

AMP Mobile First Design

The key to building a site like this is a minimal design, both for looks and functionality. You want to keep the design lean, the pictures small and try and avoid as much css and javascript as you can.

What I have noticed right away is anything you build like this, with those philosophies, you see results in the SERPs. It’s always interesting to see how much you can affect your rankings and get more traffic. It’s all about targeting for the right type of traffic.

Take a look and see how the National Transmission Website turned out.