McCleary Septic AMP site

Mobile First Design

I had the pleasure of rebuilding a site for a longtime existing client. With the McCleary Septic site I went through and took a static php build and transferred it over into a WordPress website with a mobile first design and an AMP compatible build.

Pagespeed is everything with Google

Page speed is everything with Google right now. Having that high 90s pagespeed with jump you up in the SERPs and get you additional traffic. It’s an obvious play really, user experience goes down dramatically if they are waiting for a page to load. Anything over a second or two nowadays is going to have your users bouncing.

Page speed analysis form Google

Page speed analysis

Currently I can get that desktop feed to 100 or almost there, and mostly the same on mobile, although here it’s sitting at 94. I think I have got those images a little big yet. The usability to the site is great, and we definitely added a good chunk of content here.

They’ve done a great job of keeping up on their Facebook, so grabbing new photos from jobs was a breeze and I was mostly able to create unique pages for all of the services that they provide.

This got re-indexed right away and got a good bump in the SERPs for becoming a mobile friendly AMP site. This site loads very quickly.

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