Beacon Light Community Church

Mobile First Design from scratch

New custom WordPress build for Beacon Light Community Church. I’ve been trying to stick with a mobile first minimalist design to keep things simple. Beacon Light has a good Facebook presence so it was easy to go in and grab what I needed for the build. This is currently still a work in progress. I have more information coming from the clients so there are still a few pockets to fill.

Facebook Live – Social Integration

They do Facebook live for their services, so it is easy to embed them into the posts on the site after or during.

Beacon Light page speed analysis

This site looks good and responds well. It will be a great addition and a great resource for the church.

Page speed is looking good here on Desktop, but on mobile it’s lagging a little. It seems to have a hang-up loading the google map in the footer area. I am going to figure it out, but there is a bug there.

The site looks great and has been a pleasure to work on. Take a look for yourself!
Beacon Light Community Church