AMP Advanced Mobile Pages SERPs showing AMP icon

New Website Design

There is a new way to build websites called AMP or Advanced Mobile Pages. It’s a Google lead deal. Basically a new style of building websites following a set of rules that have mobile usability and page speed as the most important factor.

The idea is pretty straight forward. The longer your site takes to load, the worse the user experience. With an AMP site Google will cache your page and serve it immediately if someone clicks on it. No load time at all.

Page speed vs Features

Building a site like this does cause some restraints. The css has to be super small, less than 50k. So styling should be to a minimum or inline if need be. Also there are some serious restrictions on the way you can use javascript, so if you are looking to create a feature rich page, this style may not be for you.

A lot of the websites that I build are just giving the client an internet presence. The goal is to be as SEO friendly as possible, to make sure that the client sits well in the SERPs and catches the relevant traffic to return on their investments and make money.

Notice on all of the Search Engine Result Pages here, that you can see the AMP logo to the right of the URL showing that the AMP page is available. If you click through, the site will literally load immediately. It’s really cool.

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McCleary Septic SERPs showing AMP icon SERPs showing AMP icon