Muskegon Biker AMP website

So I have been going back and rebuilding any of the sites that I run to get them more current and running faster for usability and SEO purposes. just got a fancy new paint job and a bit under the hood as well with the AMP upgrade. Muskegon Biker LLC is actually the name … Read more

Waves of Hope AMP rebuild

I just completed an AMP site rebuild for Waves of Hope a great local charity. Waves of Hope helps with transportation costs when utilizing the cross lake ferry to go across the lake for treatments. We built a website for waves maybe 6 or 7 years back which was still running but needed a refresh … Read more

AMP Advanced Mobile Pages

New Website Design There is a new way to build websites called AMP or Advanced Mobile Pages. It’s a Google lead deal. Basically a new style of building websites following a set of rules that have mobile usability and page speed as the most important factor. The idea is pretty straight forward. The longer your … Read more

Beacon Light Community Church

Mobile First Design from scratch New custom WordPress build for Beacon Light Community Church. I’ve been trying to stick with a mobile first minimalist design to keep things simple. Beacon Light has a good Facebook presence so it was easy to go in and grab what I needed for the build. This is currently still … Read more

McCleary Septic AMP site

Mobile First Design I had the pleasure of rebuilding a site for a longtime existing client. With the McCleary Septic site I went through and took a static php build and transferred it over into a WordPress website with a mobile first design and an AMP compatible build. Pagespeed is everything with Google Page speed … Read more