Muskegon Biker AMP website

So I have been going back and rebuilding any of the sites that I run to get them more current and running faster for usability and SEO purposes. just got a fancy new paint job and a bit under the hood as well with the AMP upgrade.

Muskegon Biker LLC is actually the name of my company. I started it many years ago selling t-shirts that mostly correlated with the Motorcycle scene both locally and beyond.

Muskegon Biker LLC History

Muskegon Biker Phone screenshot

This was right after I got away from making music and was really into the website stuff to promote all of my ideas. In the long run I got away from most of my side projects and I focus fully on the web development side of things currently. is a part of my roots and something I will always keep going.

I haven’t done anything adding to the event calendar this year because of the Covid-19 virus, but that could change if things are looking like they are going to open up and things can get back to normal.

When I went through here with the change over I ended up dumping all of my old event posts and the business listing system I had with the old site. They where both built on custom post types that I did not feel like bringing into my new situation. I really wanted this new build to be as lean as possible and to have little to no dependencies on themes or custom fields/post types, so I could breath in what I have going and to plan for the future.

Adsense ads seem to slow down the page speed

So, in general I have three different locations to put content and MuskegonBiker happens to be one of them. This site is random enough that really I could have content on anything. So I run adsense ads here.

I did notice a drop of like 20 points (from 98 to 78) on this site as soon as I added adsense back. That is a bummer because I think pagespeed is really important. Idk. This site is one of the only sites I have that has ever generated any sort of decent adsense money so I guess I am going to have to live with it.

Take a look at for yourself and tell me what you think!!!