Waves of Hope AMP rebuild

I just completed an AMP site rebuild for Waves of Hope a great local charity. Waves of Hope helps with transportation costs when utilizing the cross lake ferry to go across the lake for treatments.

We built a website for waves maybe 6 or 7 years back which was still running but needed a refresh to get the site to be a bit more mobile friendly. It’s interesting how much the landscape has changed over the years.

The new site is sticking with a common theme right now of keeping the site simple and making sure the loadtime is quick. I have been building a lot of sites like this, it’s cool how the change of a small accent color or slightly different content layout or colors can change the look and feel so dramatically.

The pagespeeds are looking good. Standard build here. Minimal plug-ins. Everything is lean. We only added what we needed.

I like this idea in general, of only building what you need. Keeping the project small and lean. Building from nothing quickly. This site turned out very nice. Happy to be a part of everything positive our area has going.

Visit wavesofhopemi.com and see for yourself!