Status Plan by work.shopMG

By far the most complex piece of software that I have built, Status Plan by work.shopMG is a Ruby on Rails application used in the property development industry.

The majority of my last 5 years has been spent servicing a great company work.shopMG. We handle a handful of services for the property development industry including planning, tenant coordination and project management. Status Plan is our flagship project and is used by many big property development companies to track their projects and keep everything on schedule.

Mapping Lease Plans with Leaflet.js

Lease mapping using Leaflet javascriptOne of the coolest features of Status Plan is the mapping. Basically you sign up, start a Project, add a lease map and start plotting points, markers and shapes on the map.

It’s very user friendly and gives you some great tools for showing a lot of information visually so that you can absorb the knowledge quickly. Being able to look at an overview of your project and see with color codes whats going good and bad is priceless.

There are so many options and tools with Status Plan. The mapping is great. Pie charts and reporting. This will generate a report that will layout the points of interest in all involved with your new mall or multi-tenanted retail development.

If you think this is something you would be interested in for your next development, contact for a demo today!