Search Engine Optimization

SEO in general is kind of a tricky thing. I’m not sure most people understand it really. Basically Google and other search engines have a way of ranking pages, so when you type in a search string, it can serve you the best content possible. Search engine optimization is making sure you are sitting towards the top or the SERPs for your desired market.

There are many ways to improve what you have going. In general making sure that you are making good use of your header tags and that in general your code is straight forward enough for the bots to understand it.

Speed is most definitely a factor with your ranking. Google knows if the page loads slow you are going to have a bad user experience. I just swith to a new theme, started to lazy load images, and minified the js and css, and made sure the javascript wasn’t blocking my initial render. What a difference all of the makes. It’s really amazing.

Moving up in the SERPs

Search Engine Result Pages

SERPs - Search Engine Result PagesPage two is death and we all know it. If worked on larger North American SEO campaigns and battled hard on the local level. It’s interesting when you see a site key in, catch the targeted search strings and truly increase traffic.

It’s been a few years since I have really thought about it as my work has been focused on back-end work with javascript and ruby. I do try and always stay focused on load time. No matter which way you look at it, it really matters.

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