231WebDev 2020 Website Rebuild

Decided to go after the 231 Web Development website rebuild right away in 2020. For the last couple of years I have run a network of WordPress sites using Divi which is an Elegant theme. Truth is the Divi builder was great for a while but it has become a bloated mess.

They changed the design of the builder sometime in the last year and not only is it way less user friendly, it has also become a very slow moving resource hog. Yuck!…

And the short codes that it leaves behind causes a ton of work. Brutal.

I’ve found something new that I really like called GeneratePress. Super clean and quick loading, it is about as flexible as I have ever seen in a WordPress theme. There is a pretty standard trend currently with the top bar navigation. This has it and more.

SEO and Pagespeed

231webdev.com pagespeed analysisWhat really impresses me about this theme is how easy it was to get the pages to load very quickly. I’m pretty easily getting full page load to functionality in 1 second or less. Very impressive. To see that 100 score from Google is very pleasant.

Page speed really matters. Google rewards you in the SERPs for having a quick loadtime and penalizes for a slow one. It’s all about user experience.