Wells Index Manufacturing Website


Wells-Index Milling Machines by A&D Machinery located in Muskegon, MI USA

Wells-Index has produced manual and CNC knee type milling machines for over 70 years in Muskegon with rugged dependability for your milling, drilling, and boring needs. I recently had the honor of re-doing their website, basically ground up static building a HTML5 and PHP website from scratch, adding a ton of content and a few new features.

Their original website was only 5 pages, and honestly looked as if it where built approx 10 years ago. They where going with a bigger national firm, getting really nothing for support and where being charged an arm and a leg to keep it running. Not going to lie but I always love picking clients up out of those situations.

wells-index-logo222The site itself now has approx 12 pages, with right around 12 to 18 pdf’s and brochures as well as a blog area that adds more pages as well. Currently it looks like by the site search that there are 40 pages which is a lot more than what they had to begin with, and will allow them to rank a lot higher.

Truth is I loved this build for a ton of different reasons. My main working background is in manufacturing, and I have worked with these mills before, so it was really cool in my opinion to pick this client up. As I spoke more and more with the client we came with some unique ways to display the content and this site will rank a whole lot better, and get more views and generate more leads then ever before.

I got to roll through a retouch their logo as well, only really a subtle change, but as we did not have the formats I would need for the build, I wanted to do it up and give myself and the client what we both needed.

Visit the www.wells-index.com website today!