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Muskegon Biker is a long standing website that I own that overall is an event calendar for the Muskegon, MI area. Big nights and motorcycle related events are the key features of this website.

Did a great looking redesign for the site with some custom post types for the new upgraded event calendar which is very user friendly and easy to maintain.

Muskegon Biker is a Motorcycle Related Events Calendar and News Site

muskegon-biker-screenshotMuskegon Biker is a website I started in the summer of 2010. Set up as a motorcycle related calendar and and news article site, is the best site in Muskegon to find biker rallies and motorcycle runs. This site has enjoyed great success with tens of thousands of page views per month of biker’s from right in Western Michigan.

The traffic that comes to this site is primarily comprised of Harley owners from Western MI. They get to the site through a combination of natural organic search, direct visits and links from the other motorcycle related sites in the area. There are direct links from every page of Hot Rod Harley-Davidson’s site, (Our local Harley dealer) as well as from the Muskegon Motorcycle Club and the MMG sites. This allows google to see that it is an authoritative site in Western MI for motorcycle related content.

muskegon-biker-screenshot-2This site comes up great in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for many different motorcycle related search strings. There are many times throughout the riding season that this site enjoys higher placement in the SERPS than the actual sites that are set up to promote our city’s events. What’s nice about that is that there is one legitimate site in the area to find out what is going on. The site is always accurate and filled with all of the information you will need to find out what’s going on.

Overall the site has the most activity during the spring, summer and fall with winter being a time that I can really go through and make some big changes and start to get things in line for the next riding season. I have recently made some big changes, and I feel that each year the site gets better. Both with richer information and becoming more user friendly. Muskegon Biker has a great mobile site which serves up the current event schedule with all of the trimmings so people can know what’s going on when they are out on the town. During the summer months mobile users can make up to 50% of the overall traffic coming to the site which is impressive. 2012 is going to be a great year for

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