Muskegon Rockstock – Branding and Music Festival Website

Muskegon Rockstock – Logos and Web Design

An annual music festival held in Muskegon MI

I’ll start this out with a little story. Approx 6 years back or so I was still making music. I heard about a local music festival that was being started that would be held in Hackley Park. They where calling it Rockstock and there was a contest to design the logo. I went right after it. I felt like I had a pretty good idea. I knew black and white would be the best bet as it is cost effective for the t-shirt designs. I also knew they needed a rock look, which is why I decided to utilize a Les Paul guitar. The coolest looking and best playing guitar for something like 50 years.

rockstock-les-paulOnce the decision was made I did end up winning the art contest and the festival has used that original logo that I created ever since. That is in fact the way that I started to be involved with Rockstock in the first place. Since that time I have hit them with some cool new artwork each year. Some has been used for different things. This year they had asked for an upgrade of the logo to try and spice things up, which is when I came up with this logo to the right which still utilizes a Les Paul but is a cool circular design.

Since my relationship has always went well with the founders of this music festival, I offered to redesign and take over the administration of the Rockstock website this year (2012). Truth is I always wanted to get my hands on that site and I was very happy when they gave me the go to run with it.

muskegon-rockstock-screenshotWe went with a WordPress CMS with a tight skin. It looks great and the fact that it is a CMS allows the people involved with the festival to make some of the changes on their own. With my help we will keep it looking like a million bucks and make our fans and friends proud.

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