Status Plan by work.shopMG

Status Plan is a Ruby on Rails application that I built for work.shopMG, a Chicago based Property Development Management company. It’s basically a CRM for Property Development that helps the developers communicate with the tenants and the contractors to work out their deals and complete their projects.

I built this from the ground up. Initial build is all started with Bootstrap. Using Heroku for the server, PostgreSQL for the database, Carrierwave and AWS S3 buckets to hold the images/documents that users upload and Devise for user authentication. Interactive reporting, multiple reports saving to PDF and Excel spreadsheets. Delayed job, background workers checking tasks, then sending emails.


The picture to the right shows one of the stand out features where I used leaflet.js to make their lease plans interactive so you could draw shapes on the map and change colors to show statuses in a visual way. You can also see the notifications bell up there alerting what has changed within your project(s).

Pie charts with Google charts

Here is a good look at the Google charts and the calculations the software did with the information that is collected. Our idea from the beginning was to make this system user friendly and interactive enough to be captivating. We are also collecting a ton of information about every aspect of these projects. The cost analysis tools were fun to research and build.

To date this is the most complex application I have built and what I learned here has already been applied to other projects. Let’s build!