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231 Graphics – Best SEO in West Michigan?

Just got done running a new ranking report and we are owning a ton of search strings having to do with our industry!

231 SEO rankings for googleSearch Engine Optimization aka SEO is a somewhat tricky thing. There are in fact big differences in white hat and black hat tactics, and the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates by Google within the last two years have changed the industry dramatically. Certain strategies that used to be common practice are now considered to be black hat (Black Hat = Naughty or unacceptable | white hat = all good, no worries).

Today I re-ran a ranking report to see where 231 Graphics and Web Design was sitting, and you will not believe what I found…


I checked approx 50 search strings that I consider to be very important to my industry, all centered around SEO, web design and development, marketing and advertising and we are owning #1 on a majority of these terms, and sitting top 5 for basically every single one. If that does not prove that we are the best in the area for Search Engine Marketing then I do not know what does…

seo-muskegon-grand-rapidsWhat I find interesting about this in particular, is we rank the best out of any web development firm in West Michigan, which is what we are all really pushing and attempting to sell and make money off from. Very nice!

I currently use a piece of software called Traffic Travis to analyze the rankings and other metrics on the sites I am tracking. I check the top 50 positions of all of the search strings I believe are important for the site against Google, Bing and Yahoo which we all know to be the top three traffic catching and driving search engines.

Some of the other metrics that Traffic Travis will show is the pagerank of the overall site as well as the amount of backlinks by page authority pointed at the website. 231 Graphics currently has approx 9,000 back links pointed at it. What is interesting is 231 Graphics basically outranks every other firm in the area with less back links. I can see other firms in the area with approx 100,000 to 200,000 back links. I wonder why they don’t outrank me? (LOL – not really – I’m just not going to spell it out as I know they are reading this and attempting to figure out why I am the leader and they are not. It’s actually obvious if you know what you are doing…)

To sum this up, if you are looking for SEO or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services in West Michigan I would contract 231 Graphics. We can prove that we are the best, I have done so here. I currently charge $30 per hour for SEO in blocks of 10 to 20 hours. You want to beat your competition? Grab up some monthly 10 hour blocks for 3 to 6 months and watch your traffic increase and recieve an easy return on investment. The sky is the limit. Thank you.