Hennessy's Irish Pub Screenshot

Hennessy’s Irish Pub

Hennessy’s Irish Pub is a great downtown Muskegon Bar and Restaurant that I had the pleasure of working with for a custom build. We had initially done a responsive dynamically built HTML5/PHP build. As time progressed I found more flexibility and ease of use for the clients with Custom WordPress Builds.

Hennessy's Irish Pub

Used a Custom Child Theme on top of Divi 2.0 with a ton of customization. This site looks great and is perfectly branded to the business itself. Hennessy’s keeps up to date on their event calendar and always has what’s on tap for the beers they have.

One thing I started thinking with this website was Customer Relationship Management. This is a client that I have built with for a while. I want to ensure they have the tools they need to promote appropriately. I am starting to think of a website as much more than just a spot on the web. It can be a CRM, maintaining between the relationship between the developer and the client, which helps me. More so for the Client/business relationship to their clientele. That is the future. This is where it begins…